Do you really trust white lines and red lights with your life?

DPT Watch: Keep the DPT Honest

DPT Watch: Keep the DPT Honest

Since the dawn of time, parking in San Francisco has been impossible. The DPT was born to protect the parking turnover rate, and ensure running errands was possible. Time limits in permit neighborhoods were enforced to protect the resident's ability to park. But somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong.


Mock Trad at Beaver Street

Lachlan, Jesse, and I have been gearing up for our first season of trad (traditional) climbing. Lachlan and I both have pretty complete racks at this point. On my own rack I have nine cams, two sets of nuts, and all sorts of other fun little things (slings, runners, beaners, ropes, webbing, and quickdraws). Our first legit multi-pitch climb will likely be the greater spire at Phantom Spires in the South Lake Tahoe area. I'm getting really excited for the day. I've been imaging sitting halfway up the cliff eating the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever. (more...)

On Inspiration

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.

-- Frank Tibolt

Bouldering in Glen Canyon

I've lived in San Francisco for over five years now. Every now and again I get the feeling like I know exactly where everything is. I've found every hole in the wall greasy spoon. I've lost a frisbee in each of the parks. I've sat and chatted for who knows how long with a friend at every hidden vista point. But man, every so often, San Francisco proves me wrong. (more...)

Excerpt from "Barbecue, Babes"

Don't want to misquote
But I think you just said
"I love you"
That's a fine phrase for a picnic
But honey, we're at a barbecue

-- Big, Round

Unlock The Mac OS X Wiki Table of Contents

Unlock The Mac OS X Wiki Table of Contents
Unlocking the super secret unreleased table of contents (toc) in the Mac OS X 10.6 Server Wiki. I don't know if you've noticed Wikipedia's brilliant table of contents at the top of their articles. It's really really nice. When you click on a particular section, it brings you right to it. Well, sure you could do that with your very own anchors, no big deal. But, as you update your content, the table of contents wouldn't automagically update. Sure their are other Wiki solutions out there, but Apple's Wiki service that comes bundled with 10.6 server is completely idiot proof (as far as editing pages goes), and it's super slick. (more...)

Chelsea Draws Good

Chelsea Draws Good

This is another awesome person who's doing awesome things with their time. I leave the house, she's drawing. I come back, she's drawing. It's hard to catch her not drawing, if she's not busy at work... Anyway, she has some really nice stuff, you should look at it.

Drive fast. Take the scenic route. Get there on time.

Excerpt from "The Poet Game"

A young man down in hill country
in the year of '22
went to see his future bride.
She lived in a rough old shack
that poverty blew through.
She invited him inside.
She'd been cooking, ashamed and feeling sad,
she could only offer him bread and her name -
Grandpa said that it was the best gift
a fella ever had
and he taught me the poet game.

-- Greg Brown, Poet Game

Death Valley Daze

Back Camera

Well, I had a really lovely time out in Death Valley. I met some really good folks. Went on some really fun rides. Ate well, slept well, and experienced something pretty new to me. The weather was perfect. Maybe 40º F at night, and 70º F during the day.

It was probably around 1500 miles in total that I put on my KLR. Everything I needed was all packed up in my top box and panniers. The camping was much cushier than I had anticipated. But at the end of a long day of riding I was pretty grateful for running water.

A couple of the rides I did incuded, Titus Canyon, Chloride Cliffs, and Lippincott Pass. I actually got some video from my GoPro that posted via vimeo. Some of it was pointed in an unfortunate down angle that get's more of my handlebars than the surroundings.

Death Valley Ride Montage from Cory Logan on Vimeo.

Death Valley Daze: The Road

I ride a KLR650, as anyone who is likely reading my blog knows. I love my motorcycle, perhaps to the point that it annoys the people around me. I love riding my motorcycle. I love commuting, on my motorcycle. Anyway, there's a forum on the interwebs called and it's filled with people that also own KLRs, and also love riding them. Every year there's an informal get together out in Death Valley at the furnace creek campground where a bunch of KLR riders all happen to be in the same spot. This year I will be in that spot. I'm leaving tonight, spending the night at a friend's place a little ways down, and then shooting down highway 1 just to enjoy the ride that much more, and then I'm headed east to Death Valley. I've never been to death valley, and I've never done any motorcycle camping before. This should be interesting. Estimated time of departure is 8 PM tonight 01/26/2011. I plan on returning on Sunday or Monday, we'll see.

Travel to Australia

Melting Moretti Glass for Beads

Back Camera

After a certain someone asked me to, I decided it was in fact high time to carve a spot out in the garage, and make some beads. It's not exactly a passion of mine, but I do quite enjoy it. There's something absolutely gratifying about heating glass to the point of melting. It would be wonderful to try it on a larger scale some day. I intended to give them away as gifts for the holidays, but seeing as it's already December 25th... they're going to be late.

If you've never tried making beads, it's something that's really pretty easy to accomplish. Usually the first couple of beads end up being a complete goopy mess, but then you start to get a handle on things. You can pick up everything you need online for around $120. I bought most everything I have from one place online that sells a packaged kit.

My Buddy Jesse

My Buddy Jesse
He's a good guy. But he's also really good at drawing, and that's what I'd like to bring your attention to. You can thumb through a bunch of his work at
i had a dream i could fly, and i know the feeling well. it's a real feeling. it's what i do every moment i can. and when you can't remember how to fly you can't fly, all you have to do is remember, but sometimes that's the hardest thing.

KLR650 Subframe Bolt Upgrade

KLR650 Subframe Bolt Upgrade

It was not too long ago that I noticed an important looking bolt just hanging out of the side of my motorcycle. I was a few miles from home, so I thought I'd try to fix the problem. It soon seemed that it just wasn't possible with the tools I had on hand and the low lighting. I decided to ride home and hope for the best. When I got home the bolt had entirely disappeared (or so I thought).



I was just sittin in my room
thinking about love
when a little birdy came by my sill
and said, -- Jerry!


-- Put some pants on.

Lil Darlin--I replied,
You simply do not understand--
My love is too big
for pants.

-- Claire Walton

Motorcycle Crash 2009

Motorcycle Crash 2009
Well, this is from a long time ago, but seeing as how it's still a significant event in my life, and I'd like more content to play with, I think I'll put the pictures up.
only you can choose to be happy or not
the problem is most people don't recognize it as a choice

Spelunking in Santa Cruz: it was crazy.

Spelunking in Santa Cruz: it was crazy.

I recently joined a meetup group oriented towards outdoor rock-climbing in the bay area. The couple of event's I'd previously signed up for had been rained out. The weather really hasn't been great for outdoor climbing. It had seemed for a while that the timing was always perfect to be sunny all week, then rain all weekend. Now it just rains every day... I don't know which is better. Anyway, those climbing events weren't looking too promising, and so a man I now know as 'Stan' proposed the idea of spelunking. It was a hit. I got all signed up and checked it out. I wasn't expecting something quite so involved. I was hoping for it, but I didn't think that in reality it would be nearly as awesome as it was. I can't wait to go back some time.

Early to Sleep, Early to Rise

Early to Sleep, Early to Rise
I fell asleep last night, mostly because it was so cold in my house. I couldn't justify turning the heater on, so I just went to sleep at around 8 PM. Somehow it wasn't difficult after a day full of slacklining and climbing. The result was waking up naturally before dawn and watching as the light slowly got brighter. My window faces West, and this is what I saw.

Slacklining in Golden Gate Park

Back Camera

Today Lauren (one of my roommates and friends) was getting jittery for some slackline. A few weeks ago she bought 110' of webbing and has been going nuts with it ever since. Here are a few pictures of us trying our feet at slacklining. She's much better at it than I am, but we both have some work to do...

Camping and Climbing, Phantom Spires

Camping and Climbing, Phantom Spires
Combining two good things to make them even better. Camping and climbing go together like like bread and cheese. Lachlan and I went up all on our lonesome. Once we got there we began to wonder if other people wanted to come, if we'd even have room for them in the car, let alone their gear. Long story short, I'm thinking about getting a bigger car. Anyway, here are some pictures from the trip to Phantom Spires in South Lake Tahoe.
take the ashes of the burned diseased
feed them to the flowers
and the flowers to the bees
they'll make the honey for my tea