Puerto Vallarta

The ride out of Mazatlan was mostly peaceful at around 7 AM. Today was my first day taking the Libre roads. It was an excellent choice. The road twisted and turned, and all around delighted more. I once again failed to get many good photos. It was my longest ride in Mexico to date, but it went by relatively painlessly. (more...)


I didn't get out the door at the time I intended. But I did get as much sleep as I could. My dreams echoed some of my waking concerns. But I woke up fairly well rested, all things considered. I checked the vitals on the motorcycle. Everything was good. I got her all loaded, and hit the road. (more...)

Bahia to Los Mochis

Today was the first day waking up in another country on this trip. In that way it was significant. I woke up around dawn, peered out of my tent. All I could see was motorcycle and pink sky. It made me pretty happy. I was still tired, but I forced myself up. I immediately broke down camp. Before I was done I met a super cute puppy, and her owner. If I recall correctly their names were Rebel and Wendy, respectively. (more...)

And into Mexico

I woke up on a comfy couch in Tucson. My wonderful hostess, Ashley, had made coffee. It was blue bottle coffee... I guess a friend from San Francisco had sent it to her. It was made in a drip pot, but it was still clearly blue bottle coffee. We went to breakfast at a cute little spot, and then I went back to the house to get some things sorted (Insurance, telephone, etc). (more...)

Santa Fe Days

After Flagstaff came Santa Fe. I'd been having issues with my heated grips. They seem to keep blowing fuses, no matter the amperage. They had the night before in the last 20 minutes of riding. Anyway, I swapped them out first thing before leaving. The ride itself was pretty uneventful. Just long and cold. When I woke up in Flagstaff the temperature was about 3º F. By the time I left it was in the 20s, which was much more doable, especially with my heated grips working again. (more...)

Day 1 Came and Went

It's too bad I couldn't have planned the weather out better. It was a little bit lousy on the whole. There were a few places heading south, where the storm was to the east, and I got a gap in the clouds that allowed me to be in the sun and look at the ocean. Then every now and again I would get a slight coating and then completely rained on. (more...)

Death Valley Daze

Back Camera

Well, I had a really lovely time out in Death Valley. I met some really good folks. Went on some really fun rides. Ate well, slept well, and experienced something pretty new to me. The weather was perfect. Maybe 40º F at night, and 70º F during the day.

It was probably around 1500 miles in total that I put on my KLR. Everything I needed was all packed up in my top box and panniers. The camping was much cushier than I had anticipated. But at the end of a long day of riding I was pretty grateful for running water.

A couple of the rides I did incuded, Titus Canyon, Chloride Cliffs, and Lippincott Pass. I actually got some video from my GoPro that posted via vimeo. Some of it was pointed in an unfortunate down angle that get's more of my handlebars than the surroundings.

Death Valley Ride Montage from Cory Logan on Vimeo.

Death Valley Daze: The Road

I ride a KLR650, as anyone who is likely reading my blog knows. I love my motorcycle, perhaps to the point that it annoys the people around me. I love riding my motorcycle. I love commuting, on my motorcycle. Anyway, there's a forum on the interwebs called KLR650.net and it's filled with people that also own KLRs, and also love riding them. Every year there's an informal get together out in Death Valley at the furnace creek campground where a bunch of KLR riders all happen to be in the same spot. This year I will be in that spot. I'm leaving tonight, spending the night at a friend's place a little ways down, and then shooting down highway 1 just to enjoy the ride that much more, and then I'm headed east to Death Valley. I've never been to death valley, and I've never done any motorcycle camping before. This should be interesting. Estimated time of departure is 8 PM tonight 01/26/2011. I plan on returning on Sunday or Monday, we'll see.

KLR650 Subframe Bolt Upgrade

KLR650 Subframe Bolt Upgrade

It was not too long ago that I noticed an important looking bolt just hanging out of the side of my motorcycle. I was a few miles from home, so I thought I'd try to fix the problem. It soon seemed that it just wasn't possible with the tools I had on hand and the low lighting. I decided to ride home and hope for the best. When I got home the bolt had entirely disappeared (or so I thought).


Motorcycle Crash 2009

Motorcycle Crash 2009
Well, this is from a long time ago, but seeing as how it's still a significant event in my life, and I'd like more content to play with, I think I'll put the pictures up.

2009 KLR650 Wiring Woes

2009 KLR650 Wiring Woes

Well, this is the second problem I've had with wiring on this bike...The first time I was on my way to work on the free way when suddenly everything cut out. I managed to get over to the side without a problem. I was ill equipped in the tools department that morning, and the motorcycle was still well under warranty. I decided to have her towed. When we got to the shop, we tried out a different fuse, but it got blown Immediately. I had to leave her there.