I'm Cory Logan. Solving problems satisfies me more than most anything. If I'm ever left alone with nothing to do, I start recognizing more problems to solve— it's fun.

This website is a blog, but it's also where I keep some references to work that I do professionally. I don't feel the need to delineate too much between work and outside life, because the two invariably mix. I try to keep company, both personally and professionally, with people that I enjoy.

When I'm not solving problems for pay, I'm solving problems for myself. I might be working on my motorcycle. I might be helping a friend with his/her tech projects. Working on a side project. Or I might be far from the computer, rock climbing, brewing beer, picking a banjo or playing frisbee.

I'm currently in the process of transitioning away from IT work and moving into development. I'm interested in building things to make lives better. I think that web and application development is a great way to do that. I especially love working on small teams to solve big problems.

I'm pretty friendly, too. If you don't know me yet, and would like to try it out, drop me a line, friend me on FaceBook, or connect to me on LinkedIn. If you're wondering if I might be a good fit for your organization, or know a place that is in need of someone to solve some problems, please let me know!

Contact me:

email: cory@counterbeing.com
phone: 415.684.8695

Some of my skills:
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile
  • Understanding of Ruby on rails, WordPress, PHP
  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Mac OS System Administration, and Networking

Grab my resume.

Ruby on Rails: Frustration to Elation

Ruby on Rails: Frustration to Elation

It's been a few months that I've been toying with Ruby on Rails. And to be totally honest it's been very very frustrating. But I can't hold Ruby or Rails accountable for that. Most of it is just me. This is my first ever MVC framework. The moment a project is generated, you instantly have about 20 moving parts. That's because it makes all sorts of assumptions about what you want to do, and that's spectacular, but it can really make your head spin at the beginning. I've got about four unfinished books on Ruby on Rails. They all pretty much seem to take the same course, which is stepping through the creation of some simple application, like a blog.


IT Consulting

IT Guy
I've been consulting in the IT field for about four years now. The last two have been with a small company. I specialize in Mac OS X. I am certified for helpdesk. I routinely work with the server version of Mac OS 10. For the past two years I've been working with a company in San Francisco called MacCentric Solutions. (more...)

DPT Watch: Keep the DPT Honest

DPT Watch: Keep the DPT Honest

Since the dawn of time, parking in San Francisco has been impossible. The DPT was born to protect the parking turnover rate, and ensure running errands was possible. Time limits in permit neighborhoods were enforced to protect the resident's ability to park. But somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong.


Unlock The Mac OS X Wiki Table of Contents

Unlock The Mac OS X Wiki Table of Contents
Unlocking the super secret unreleased table of contents (toc) in the Mac OS X 10.6 Server Wiki. I don't know if you've noticed Wikipedia's brilliant table of contents at the top of their articles. It's really really nice. When you click on a particular section, it brings you right to it. Well, sure you could do that with your very own anchors, no big deal. But, as you update your content, the table of contents wouldn't automagically update. Sure their are other Wiki solutions out there, but Apple's Wiki service that comes bundled with 10.6 server is completely idiot proof (as far as editing pages goes), and it's super slick. (more...)